How To Choose Golf Clubs For Women?


For a beginner, it is hard to understand that golf clubs are different and buying a set can become overwhelming. It is not just women’s golf clubs that vary from men’s but the choices that are available in each category. With the steady rise of women golf players, get to know More Here, it is vital to comprehend what a women’s clubs should have. Instead of blindly spending thousands of bucks on any clubs the salesperson pushes on you, be aware and buy the best fit for you. Given under are some of the qualities every female should look for in golf clubs.

• The significant area where men’s clubs differ from women’s is the weight. Golf clubs that women carry are lighter in overall weight. The variation arises because every part used in ladies club is slightly lighter than men’s. Hence, the full load is also lower. A female has to look for lightweight clubs because they do not have the same upper body strength as a male. Therefore, a club which weighs less will lead to a faster swing and better club speed. Plus when you are playing the entire 18-hole round, it gets easier to carry and swing a lighter club.

• The second thing a lady should think of when buying golf clubs is the shaft. It has to be shorter than a man’s club. The reason for it is obvious. On an average, the height of a female is smaller than a male. Thus a shorter shaft club can be kept in control while swinging and it is “comfortable at address.” For any woman, who is above average height, do not buy the standard golf clubs. They will be too short for you. Your best bet is to get a set of clubs fitted for your height.

• Another criterion where ladies club differs is the flex, it softer in the case of women. Again, this alteration is added to increase the speed of the swing and improve entire distance. Because the shaft flex is softer, it bends during the swing, which makes getting the ball compressed and airborne simpler and with less effort.

• The last aspect where a female’s gold club will not be similar to a male is the grip. Since women, in general, have smaller hands they can only accommodate a tinier grip. If a lady used a man’s club, the short fingers would not give proper control of the hold. It is important to note here that not all women have shorthands. Therefore, if you have longer fingers than standard, get them measured to create a grip that is ideal for you.

For a female, who wishes to be serious about golf, it is essential to invest in women’s clubs. The lighter weight, shorter shaft, softer flex, and smaller grip will give you an edge on your swing. Though, bear in mind, that if you don’t match the general height criteria, you will benefit more by getting the club modified to your measurements.